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The 5 Projects

This is a continuation of my current 25:5 process, which you can follow with the 25:5 tag.

So the 5

Of the options I had last time, I decided to select these:

I also mentioned that I’d already completed two of them. Those two are the first two listed above - the arbitrary json api for use with testing, and the https in Go, which you can currently see at https.quine.space. I’ll have a write-up on those soon.

So why those 5?

Each of these options touches part of my present interest in backend and systems development. They also touch various different current interests of mine:

So I’m really excited to be working on them.

An Additional Note

A major part of the goal of making 5 separate projects (as opposed to just one), is learning what gives that 80% of the functionality, using only 20% of the effort to finish it.

Because I’m trying to err on the side of incompleteness this time, some of these are going to be extremely minimal in their “final” forms. So, though I’ll consider these projects complete, they might be anything but usable by anyone other than myself.

So yeah, just a little bit of warning about the level of completeness you should expect from any of them.

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