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Small list of spacemacs tips

Note: I’ve decided to abandoned the switch, and am working on making my vim config better, giving me at least some of the neat features present in spacemacs.

I’ve recently started making the switch from vim + tmux to spacemacs. Things have been very slow going, but occasionally I learn something that really helps out. I’ll be posting those small learnings here.

FYI, SPC is pressing the “Space” key. The keys after SPC are to be pressed in order with the specified capitalization.

edit the spacemacs config file

Incredibly useful at all times: SPC f e d

highlight column 80

I typically want to show where column 80 is located, so I can choose to wrap my code. There’s a way to toggle this, with SPC t f (toggle fill-column), but I want it enabled by default. To do this, you have to edit your config file (how-to is described above), and add the following in the defun dotspacemacs/user-config () section.


fci is “fill-column-indicator”, which by default is column 80.

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