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And then there were 10

Previously, I started the 100:10:1 method for choosing projects. Now it’s time to choose 10 and start prototyping.

The idea is to get these 10 prototypes done in 6 months. That’s a prototype completion every 18.26 days. To help me keep on track, @icco and I are going to have weekly checkins (it might help him too, who knows).

So here are the 10 I’ve chosen:

I may implement some of the smaller and easier ideas (e.g. letter api) for fun, but that won’t specifically be a part of this project.

There were also a couple of ideas that were REALLY close to making the short list, but in the end they were either too complicated or too related to another idea to make it. I may make these in the future, but for now I’ll do related things to learn the pieces I don’t yet know.

Too complicated

Too similar

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